I guess I’ll be the one doing this, since no one else is here to do it for me.

olimarindizzywood is officially closed.

Concerning the fact that no one has been online for the past two years, I find it part of my responsibility to create some closure for a blog that’s been inactive for a while.

Honestly, being part of this blog was a significant part of my childhood, since most of my time was spent online. I didn’t have many friends, and everyone on this blog kept me company. It’s sad how some of you who frequented this blog won’t remember a thing about it. Some won’t even remember the URL.

That’s just how life works. We move on from things. Oli’s most likely a senior in college. A lot of people on this site are likely in high school or college. The last time I posted on this blog, I was still an eighth grader just going into high school – now I’m approaching my second semester as a sophomore. I’m still fairly young, but that’s definitely a jump in time. I still have a while to go.

My biggest worry is that I’m talking to absolutely no one. My biggest worry is that all the old people that used to visit this site no longer care. My biggest worry is that Olimar is far past remembering what this site used to be like and how she used to run it.

If you’re reading this right now, I think the biggest favor you could do for me is to leave a comment with your old username. It’s cheesy, I know, but some form of life on here is better than nothing at all.

Anyway, now that I’m done reminiscing, I’d like to give a huge thanks for everyone that contributed to the site. This goes out to all the admins, the authors, the commenters, and even the spammers/salties with keyboard rage. You guys gave this site life, and I enjoyed it everyday. Everyone witnessed me in my weeaboo days (but we don’t go any further in that subject). Thank you, thank all of you so much.

I’ll leave you with my main websites, in case you want to catch up with me again. Don’t forget that I’m always open to talk to anybody who needs to.



Thanks for reading this. I hope that you’ll remember all the great times you spent on this website. There’s an extra post below with some comments that haven’t been accepted yet.

-Kathryn, chaos9876


This is regarding old comments that have been posted a while ago. They’ve never gotten approved since no one here has had the power to do that.

IS ANYONE OUT THERE?? HELLO. Pinkyhearts456 checking in. Wow, this is sad. It’s been six years. I wonder if anyone has done like I have and chased the rabbit trail that is blog posts and comments. This is all so crazy. I feel like I have this whole other life that I lost. Many of your usernames look familiar and I can remember a few memories that we’ve shared. But for the most part everything is all a blur. I wonder if anyone ever thinks about this stuff. Because I really forgot about everything until my old username popped into my head. Pinky hearts. Hahah, I am not even sure where I thought of that. And I am not even sure why my little avatar picture is up here on this page. My avatar never really did look anything like me. (just the hair though, I don’t remember if they ever had crazy curls. ahhh, anyway this might never be read. But maybe it will…and that’d be pretty cool.

Hey, I know you posted this a while ago, but I read your comment. I really agree though, I feel like I lost this other identity that I used to keep on this website. And I think about it, a lot. It’s crazy how we used to post so much on this site, and now it just feels empty. I hope I posted this early enough for you to see it, since you posted this all the way back in August 2014.

Oh crap, dude, 2009…
I’ve changed a lot in four years…


Guess what, it’s 2015 from when I’m writing. We’ve all changed, but that’s pretty inevitable. Scary how this all took place in 2008-2012.

As a side note, I really miss you. I remember all the days when we used to draw together, and you would teach me all about Maplestory. I actually wonder what you’re doing now, since you had a lot of skill as a young artist. If somehow you find this, it would be great if you could get back to me.

So I haven’t been on here since I was like maybe 10? So to remind myself of the good old days, I searched my old username. And WOW! I never saw this when I was active on here, thank God (it would’ve absolutely CRUSHED me) but this is bullying! Obviously I don’t care now, I’m 14 now (I know, I’m old(: ) but I really hope this kind of stuff doesn’t still go on.. Hopefully everyone is older and wiser now, but if this does still go on guys, you should all take a look at yourself and ask yourself why you do it. It’s meaningless and doesn’t gain anyone ANYTHING positive. Quoting my personal favorite movie, Mean Girls, “calling someone ugly won’t make you and prettier.” I really hope everyone has grown out of this sort of thing. And just in case I did something actually totally terrible to get this written about me.. I’m sorry! I was NOT too bright back way back when in 2009. Hope you are all well, “Comfy” 🙂xx

Hi Comfy, I still remember you from when we hung out in Dizzywood. I’m 15 now. and you’re probably 16. Sorry that this was posted in 2012, and yet nobody got to it. I don’t think any of us were all too bright in 2009. Obviously our mindset was too immature to handle any criticism. But that’s pretty normal, anyhow.

Hopefully the people that I’ve responded to feel some satisfaction that someone has read their comment.

[edit] if you want my tumblr, click here. it’s the only place I actively update.

…Hi? I guess.
I’m the only one posting on here, and there’s really no one to say hi to.
Anyway, I’m going to update, assuming anyone visits this blog anymore. I was recently accepted into a new high school — Academy of Allied Health and Science. I’m really excited and intimidated; stories about high school being a train wreck don’t help either.
I’ll have to be disciplined over the summer and in my studies. I guess it’s too fast-paced for me, but I’ll have to get used to it.

I’ll probably have to stop updating after this one post, though. Obviously I wouldn’t have the time, and olimar/the rest of the posters are probably busy with high school and college and what not.
It almost makes me sad; I joined this site while everyone else was in high school/middle school. I was 9. I watched everyone else grow up before my eyes, heading into high school and college. Before I knew it, I started to head on that path as well; while I’m in college, the rest of you probably have degrees or a family/pleasant relationship. I’ll still be a kid in high school, you know?

But I just hope, before this site vanishes into the deep recesses of your brain, that you’ll visit one day before you get married. Or get a job. Graduate college. Have children. A nice family, perhaps? I’ll always be here, and I’ll always remember how much fun I had with most of you. I’ll be here to talk. I grew up with all of you, and you were all my first internet friends.

It was nice.


Hello everyone!

10/25 –

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here! 3 months and 8 days, to be almost-exact.

I’ve been very busy with school and everything. I’m in Algebra and honors for Reading! The school also wants me to take the SATs already. But cripes, I’m only in 7th grade. I could really use a break. It’s hard being a kid and growing up. It’s hard and nobody understands  U u U sorry I had the urge to put that. It’s from Homestuck.

Oh, speaking of Homestuck! Today they recently updated. It consists of a 13 minute flash and everything. It’s really cool. It’s boring at first, but it’ll get really good. (I’m pretty sure I said that already in the post below. I even said I was PLAYING Homestuck. what the heck, past me)

Homestuck got me into a lot of things, like sewing! I’ve been sewing a lot of costumes for my friends these days. So, since I like to dedicate my free time to sewing, I made a whole blog about it and some of the cosplays that I’ve done.

I would really appreciate it if you checked it out in your spare time. I just created it, like, a second ago, so it’s not that good. I will develop it a lot tonight though!

That’s all I have time to write for now, see ya!


Fun Fact: when I was typing an earlier draft of this I misspelled “baths” as “bahts”, and I figured out that bahts is a real word. It’s the currency for Thailand.

[edit] I don’t recall if I gave out my tumblr or not, but here’s mine.

> Kathryn: Get inspired by the post below.

eternallyInimitable [EI] started a memo on Oli’s weblog at ??:??.

EI: Heyluu~

EI: I got inspired by Sherry to do a post like this

EI: and also

EI: because I’m obsessed with Homestuck too.


EI: My favorite troll is Gamzee ❤

EI: So anyway,

EI: How have you guys been doing?

EI: I’m just on my laptop, as usual.

EI: playingmorehomestuck

EI: I seriously recommend that you guys play it. It’s quite boring when you start out at first, but after a while

EI: it’s like


EI: …What am I still doing here?


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> Sherry: Be back and post a remake of an old story.

awesomeBlossom [AB] started a memo on Oli’s Weblog at ??:??.

AB: >w< ~  Hey guys.

AB: >w< ~ Even though we don’t usually come here any more, I’m going to ask you to search for Locked. On this blog, I mean. It’s by me. Loli~<3. :U Locked, the TO BE CONTINUED STORY?

AB: >w< ~ Well, I remade it. Here ya go. But a bit of notice, I was being Mary Sue-ish for the story. I CAN MAKE SO MUCH BETTER THAN THIS, I ASSURE YOU.

[ The Newly Improved! ]


It was a hot summer afternoon. Lolithon, Olimar, and Hershey were playing hide and seek in Waddlez’s mansion. Or rather, the mansion’s yard. There weren’t many thick bushes for hiding, so it wasn’t fair enough. The girls found each other easily. After their 5th game of failed hide and seek, the trio agreed to rest. Loli sipped her lemonade. “So, what’s been going on? We really need some catching up to do.” Olimar finally said, breaking the awkward silence. “Everything’s fine on my end, what about you guys?” the girl nicknamed “Loli” responded. “The same here,” so claims the girl named after a chocolate delicacy. Oli ended said short conversation with a nod, signaling the same.

                                After a while, the door opened. Waddlez, the mansion owner, popped out. “Why don’t you guys come in? It’s cooler in here.” The girls looked amongst themselves, and went in. Inside, they saw Ballet, whom they affectionately called Bal. “Hey, guys! How was your game of hide ‘n’ seek?” The trio, annoyed about their game outside, simultaneously agreed that it was the most horrible game EVER. They all laughed. Waddlez excused himself from the conversation and walked away to the kitchen to get them some iced tea.

                                But he didn’t come back.

                                And that’s when things got suspicious, or at least for Loli.

                                “Hey guys, don’t you guys notice this house? I mean… How you feel in it. The aura.” Loli whispered. The others nodded. “It’s weird, as if someone’s watching us,” she continued. The mention of this made everyone look around and tense up.


The door opened. Everybody stared at it. A mysterious figure draped in a black cloak took two “Easter Eggs” and dropped them on this floor. One was a smoke releaser, and as the name implies, it released smoke. The figure took one of the girls away, leaving the others to wonder where she went. The other one was a time bomb. It was set for 10 seconds. They had ten seconds to leave.

                                Oli was the first one to realize this.

                                “Guys! It’s a time bomb! We gotta get outta here!!” She shouted, panicking. Everyone followed her word, and ran out. The house exploded. Into smithereens. Into bits. Into—Okay, you get the idea.

                                 Fortunately, the girls got out with only very , if at all, minor cuts. None gushing out blood or anything of the sort. Another girl ran towards their direction, panting. “Guys! Guys!” called out the girl. The others looked towards her direction, one of them calling out, “CBA!” The mentioned girl stopped right in front of the group. She looked over the girls. “I can see you guys are ok, but aren’t there supposed to be two more people?”

                                Bal’s eyes began to widen. “Loli and Waddlez are missing!” Hershey gasped and covered her mouth with her hands.  “No…”

                                Meanwhile, Loli was thrown into a paradise styled dungeon. Inside, she saw Waddlez frolicking in the fields. “Oh, Waddlez!” “Hello! It’s fun in here~” Loli smiled and rolled her eyes.  “This would be the weirdest thing ever.”

                                Oli lead them all over the Dizzian’s world, all the way ‘til sundown. Oli had to drop everyone off at their houses, but agreed to meet in Wildwood Forest and climb that rock pile blocking the way to the city. After the said was done, they did so, and found a castle gate. It was the road to the city ahead. But two guards were there. They stopped them and asked, “What business do you have here? We do not need any random Dizzians wandering about the road to Canal City. It is only for the famous and, or, special people. Referring to the Special People, we need to protect them from any harm, or they will release a powerful skill unto the world. It will cause the destruction to mankind.” Oh derp Mary Sue. IT’S FOR THE SAKE OF THE STORY, I’M SORRY. ;A;

                                “We need our friend, Lolithon.” Olimar stated plainly. “You didn’t have to take her away like a kidnapper or something. I mean, seriously.” Hershey added. “And what kind of power would Loli have anyway? She is just a regular girl like us.” CBA pressed on the matter. “And so is Waddlez! Except him being a guy and all. He’s a regular guy.” Ballet said, giggling at the last sentence she made. “So can you please release them?” They pleaded. The soldiers put their spears to use, and pointed them at the direction of the girls. “We already told you the reason we cannot release them. They are ‘Special’.”

                                “But that doesn’t mean they can’t have a normal life!”

                                Returning to our captives, we found them in a rather… odd situation. Waddlez was looking at the Zaap thingy, and Loli was leafing through her sketchbook. She looked up and called out, “Hey, Waddlez, don’t touch that thing. We can’t afford losing you now. Why don’t you come over here?” He did so. “Cool drawings.” “Thanks.” She smiled at him. He looked up. “So how do you think we’re gonna get out?” “Heck, if I knew, I would be getting us out right now!” Both laughed, and Loli took out her heart charm. “Oh, if only…” And then an idea struck her. “Friendship!” Waddlez looked at her strangely. “Wha?” She looked at it. “Oh, yeah. It’s real life. I forgot. Hah-“

                                Our heroes were still fighting with the guards, although, it would be unlikely that they would need some busting now. Oli saw an opening, and busted through anyways. She was there just in time. Loli was glowing. “Whoa, what the?” CBA looked at her with a, “WTF?” face. And their accessories started to glow too.

                                Loli turned into the Mage of Friendship.

                                Oli was the Heir of Water.

                                CBA, the Conductor of Air.

                                Ballet would be the Caretaker of Plants.

                                Last but not least, Hershey, with the title of Keeper of Animals.

                                And of course Waddlez was there to witness it. Hehe. AND THEY BUSTED OUT EPICLY THE END, DERRRRP.

AB: >w< ~ Well here. The remake. Yay.

AB: >w< ~ If you get all the way down here, I’m going to say. GO READ HOMESTUCK. IT’S AWESOME, EVEN THOUGH IT’S SLOW IN THE FIRST ACTS. PLEASE DON’T SKIP AHEAD. IT MAKES SENSE IF YOU JUST READ FROM THE BEGINNING. Just search Homestuck on the Google or somehting. Or click this. It’s basically an online book. :3

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Drawings + Updates

☆Hello thar! :DD

I found some old drawings in some really old posts… *is so disappointed in them* So I decided to redraw them! 8D After some updates. ._.

This blog really died down; I’m not even sure what made it die. But the fact that everyone’s maturing and leaving Dizzywood for school and academics kind of makes me sad. :c Like we’re leaving our inner child behind for something even more important, like college, or a job (Saying that reeeaaalllly made my heart sink). Even though it was kind of silly, I miss the virtual food fights we used to have, the small art contests, and sometimes, even the drama. Because back then, when they were still here, this blog wasn’t that empty. But now, when it all disappears, it just suddenly turns vacant. Kind of sad that small things can cause so much to happen.

OK, No more sad depressy stuff. Onto some pictures! 8D

This is the old one that I found v.v

And here’s my re-do! :’D


a.k.a Azu-nyan, my screen-name


just because.

As indicated in the title, this is one of those “just because” posts. Just beacuase I’m bored. Just because I couldn’t come up with a better title.

I finally bought a guitar – got it yesterday. It’s nothing fancy, but it works; a light and creamy yellow in the front, black on the sides, and then it into a crimson/mahogany color around the neck area. I was going to go with the black one with a swirly white patten, but black guitars are so typical. Plus, mine’s got a red G string. Awesomeness. Wish I could post a picture for you guys. =/

The school year’s almost over for me, about three weeks left. I’ve already taken my AP exam, which was surprisingly easy.

Anyone wanna know what I’ve been reading lately? Probably not, but I’ll tell ya anyway. I just finished The Forest of Hands and Teeth trilogy, which were okay for an apocalyptic zombie series. Right now I’m reading The Maze Runner (so far, so good). After that I’m going to be reading Sapphique (sequel to Incarceron) and then try my luck at an old classic, Jane Eyre.

Feel free to tell me what’s going on with you. I’d love to hear all about it.



Has anyone else noticed how long it’s been? How different everything is? Whether it’s the sites you visit most often or the grade you’re in, something’s changed. A lot surely has for me. I know we’ve each given this speech a dozen times over, but it’s April 5 and the after-shock is still settling in. Browsing old, forgotten posts doesn’t help my nostalgia, either. On the outside, I’m sure all of my classmates remember me as the same quiet, studious girl who’s been sitting in the back of the class her entire life; you all probably have some specific envisionment of me, too: Oli, the girl that’s best friends with CBA and writes too much for her own good. Well, that’s the way I remember myself.

Internally, however, I’m definitely another person. Before, I never had any things I truly cared about or beliefs I was sure I believed. I sort of just played along, blending in with whatever my friends or other people liked. It’s not that I was faking, I just didn’t know what I liked. It’s not like that anymore. There’s still a lot I haven’t figured out, but, at the same time, there’s a lot that I have figured out. Drawing is an obsession of mine. It’s relaxing and frustrating. I absolutely love anime. And pocky. Strawberry pocky. I don’t like chocolate pocky. Sometimes I wish I lived in an anime. Wouldn’t that be awesome? =3 I also like cute smiley faces with equal signs for eyes. Bet you’ll never guess my favorite animal. It’s an okapi. Then there’s ocelots, bats, horses and cats. Best animals ever. 😉 (click here for horse picture, it wouldn’t work… btw, I did NOT draw it)

As I’ve mentioned, I’m learning to play guitar. In the near future, I’d also love to learn to play the piano and possibly the violin. I’m a lot more appreciative of the music I love, which is mostly rock, alternative, punk, techno, and some screamo and pop country.

I’m not a big TV fan – I can never find a good show without it being cancelled. As I type this, I’m watching Veronica Mars online. It’s a great show and I strongly recommend it if you like mysteries. I’m addicted to Survivor, and hate that I still have to wait two more days till the new episode. D: Any Survivor fans out there who want to tell me their favorite season/player? I still watch some shows on Disney and Nick, but most of them are kind of really boring and predictable. Except some current shows all of the classics, like Zoey 101 and Scooby Doo. And Ben 10. I love watching Ben 10, ’cause almost any show with aliens, zombies, or superheroes is just plain awesome.

Movies are better than TV. I watched Sucker Punch a few days ago and I loved it. Other than Dawn of the Dead, which is my favorite, I can’t think of any movies on the spot. I guess I’ll get back to you on that.

I’m getting tired and it’s getting late, but I hope this post entertained you and maybe even gave you an idea of what goes on inside my wacky head. See you guys later. =)

-Oli the Okapi! =P

P.S. Okapi are not a mix of a zebra and a horse, they’re actually ancestors of the giraffe. Go figure.